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The Guildenstern Legacy 2.4


The time has come for another update. Yay!

This is (quite obviously) part 2.4, which is the last one in generation 2, and I have finished playing all the way to gen 3.4, so I think what's going to happen now is that I am going to post more frequent updates until I catch up (SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAMMITY-SPAAAAAM), so I can post an heir poll, because I need a bit of help picking the next heir. I am almost decided on one Sim for heir, but I figured I should ask you guys what you think as well. But anyway, that is getting waaaay ahead of things.

Last time, we left the two Guildenstern kids at college.

Warnings: 32 pictures, lesbianism, old people in not much clothing

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The Guildenstern Legacy 2.3

Time for college! This is a short part because I didn't take that many pictures during college, but I wanted it to be a part unto itself, which is why I haven't made it bigger by adding pics from later events.

Oops, I fail at changing my template to the correct part.
Warnings: 29 pictures, scantily-clad ladies (and lads), romantic inconsistence, blatant favouritism

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The Guildenstern Legacy 2.2

I am so behind on these posts by now, but it's all good. The plan now is to keep playing until I get to the point where I choose the gen 3 heir, and then take a break to catch up with posting. I'm taking the break then because I suspect I might need help picking the heir.

I will say one thing, though: some CRAZY things have happened so far in gen 3. ;D

We're not there yet, though, so here's gen 2.2. It's extra long, because there is a house tour included. Next part is going to be shorter, though.

Warnings: 53 pictures, kitty overload

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Next time is the gen 2 college experience.
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The Guildenstern Legacy: 1.1

After re-installing the basegame, all the EPs, SPs and custom content, I am once again ready to start off a Legacy. This time I know from the very beginning that I won't follow the rules completely (and I'm definitely not counting points), but that's okay by me. I have also pretty much decided that there won't be more than two kids in each generation, as more is generally a pain in the arse to raise well.

Warnings: 31 pictures, lesbianism, serious PDA

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Last night I borked my game (I know exactly how, too, and I'm never doing THAT again) and all the Rosencrantz family is dead. Well, technically I have a back-up from the end of generation 1, but I seriously do not feel like replaying all of gen 2 (they were just off to college, too), so I am going to restart and make a new Legacy founder.

I'm going to miss the Rosencrantz, though! Especially Rilo, who I had pretty much decided would be the heir this time around.

I have about three parts of gen 2 in pictures that I haven't posted yet, but right now that feels pretty pointless. I do want to show the kids, though.

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The Rosencrantz Legacy 2.1

It's time for another installment in my Legacy series. =D

You're probably pretty aware by now that I am basically Cheaty McCheat, but I'm not playing this for points, so that's okay. The cheating continues in this installment (and the next, and the next, haha. Though I have stopped doing maxmotives and motivedecay off, so that's good).

Also, I've been reading a bunch of legacies and it appears that I do things a bit differently. For starters, there's the numbering business (starting on x.1 instead of x.0), but I've also discovered that most people start numbering after the next generation as soon as the first kid is born. I don't do that until all the kids are grown up.

Aaaanyway, onto the point of this post!

Warnings: 31 pictures, lack of daylight

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lol, teh gay

S'up, guys?

I installed my new EPs today (Seasons, OFB, AL, Uni and NL) and then a couple of hacks. I wanted to try out the Pregnancy for All Genders hack, so I created a test family. They are pretty damn cute, so I just wanted to show a picture of them. =P

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