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The Rosencrantz Legacy 1.2

(I realise now that the first installment is usually called 1.0, but I started on 1.1 since I was thinking of television episodes when I posted the first one.)

Picture-intense, so dial-up users can consider themselves warned.

Warnings: 56 pictures, uninspired captions, puddles galore

When we left off last time, the twins had just been born. Let's see what happened next (and this time I will try to stick to one tense).

Des feeding Eldrick his bottle. She's a good mum when she wants to.

Niva brought a friend from school. They play cops and robbers -- after Chloe (the friend) abused the teddy bear something fierce. That kid has a mean streak! But I guess there can be tenderness in abuse (lolz), because after she was done beating the crap out of the poor teddy, she hugged him hard and held him close.

What's this? Can it be...? Yup, morning sickness. Des is knocked up again.

Louis likes to play in puddles. Oh yeah, and the twins turned into toddlers.

Purple maternity wear makes its appearance again. The boys are crawling all over the place.

Baby Ritva is born! She has black hair and green eyes, just like all her siblings.

Someone's in aspirational failure...

For the entirety of her pregnancy, one of her fears was to have another baby. So of course she goes into aspirational failure right after giving birth. Also, next time her wants refreshed, she rolled "Have a baby". MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND, WOMAN!!!

Ritva is oh-so well-cared for. Obviously. Could it possibly be because the boys are still toddlers and this household only has two cribs? Could be, could be.

About one day after giving birth Des turns into an elder. I'm NOT digging the new outfit, but they are too poor (or I am to stingy) to go shopping for new threads.

Also, guess which toddler threw up soon after this? Stellar childcare, you guys, just STELLAR!

Yeah, okay, Kennedy, that's better.

Eldrick grew into a child. Meh. I like the eyes, but his mouth looks better on his mum than it does on him.

Louis is fast asleep, but he's pretty much a carbon copy of his brother, looks-wise.

Niva had her birthday too and became a teen (rolled popularity and has LTW to become mayor). She looks pretty fine after a make-over.

Des and Eldrick share a midnight snack.

Ghosts are obviously an entirely appropriate topic for discussion during a family meal. OBVIOUSLY!

Des is a much better at the whole parenting thing in her old age.

Ritva has reached toddlerdom!

Three of the four kids rolled a "get a dog" want, so I had them adopt one. And who is it if not Emla, the dog that was taken away right after Niva was born!

Niva brought home a friend from school. Friend got skunked. HEEE! He went home soon after...

Des potty trains Ritva.

Maybe her first priority should be to teach her to eat human food. Just sayin'...

Homework tiem.

Homework tiem continued.

Emla had a run-in with the skunk and so needs a bath. Badly!

Niva's grades are... not so great.

So Des has another one of these.

This is the first appearance of Sophie. You will see a lot of her in the future. Trust me on this. To begin with, she hits it off pretty well with Niva.

Des takes to writing novels in her old age.

Still very much in love with her husband, who still has something like twenty days before he reaches his final life stage.

Niva takes after her mother and fails at cooking.

Introducing teen!Eldrick after a make-over (and also the abandoning of the Legacy rules and the embracing of the era of mild cheating, i.e. the twins still had days of childhood left, but I was bored).

Eldrick is a popularity sim who wants to become a professional party guest.

Louis, on the other hand, is a knowledge sim and wants to become a mad scientist.

Ritva had a little make-over.

Eldrick really fancies this girl.

And this guy.

However, he doesn't like Eldrick. At all.

Niva tells Eldrick how brilliant best friends are.

Kennedy, as a fortune sim, really wants the kids to get into private school, so they have the principal over for dinner. It is not exactly a success.

Ritva has grown into a child.

And now it's Kennedy's turn to have a mental breakdown.

While Des has decided that she wants to get a job in her last days of life.

Eldrick has really charmed cashier!chick something mad. And Sophie has a thing for Niva.

I'm not quite sure why Eldrick is crying here. The girl talking to Sophie is teen!Ritva, who seemed to skip through childhood ::coughthankyouboolpropcough::

Ritva fancies Sophie.

This is Ritva after a little make-over, by the way. She's a family sim and her LTW is to marry off 6 kids. Good luck!

Niva fancies Sophie.

Not Ritva, contrary to what this picture creepily seems to suggest.

Des reaches the top of the her career.

Cashier!chick and Eldrick continue to get along.

And then Des kind of... dies.

Everyone is very upset.

Then the inheritances came in. She left almost 60k to various family members. Hello moolah!

Eldrick is crying again. This time it's because he became best friends with cashier!chick. I seriously do not get him.

After he stops sobbing, they make kissyface.

On that note, we leave them for now.

Next time, Sophie makes a fair few appearances, the house gets a massive make-over and it's time to decide on an heir.