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The Guildenstern Legacy 4.2

Warnings: 43 pictures, fires, the gays, ugly babies.

They still have ~sparks~.

~Sparks~ lead to worshipping at the porcelain altar, sry2say.

(Completely unrelated, but I just discovered molten chocolate in my keyboard. Oops.)

Stinky and the brain, brain, brain! ::sings::

Atenolol is all growed up. Everyone together now: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Smustle time!

See that gesture right there? Victor likes being knocked up. Oh yeah, knock him up goooood.

Emconcor made a new friend.

Kind of a cute friend, actually. Pity she's black-haired. I'm trying to breed that out.

Atenolol spam. (Second favourite, I can has?)


Cute colour combination there, Seloken. I still don't know about those eyes, though...

Booyah! Permaplat, here he comes!

Remember what I said about the eyes and not knowing? Yeah, I'm decided now, kthx. Do not want. Poor ~special~ Seloken.

Newest babby: somemedicineorother. I don't actually remember his name any more. Oops.

Seloken isn't letting her unfortunate facial structure stop her.

Could be cute after a makeover.

Way to live up to the lesbiuhn stereotype there, Seloken.

This random walk-by is another Sim I made and who I wanted to show to one of my friends. So she gets to feature in an update. Go her.

Time for Atenolol to reach kidulthood.

Yes, Victor just got demoted, how kind of you to notice. I'm sure he's ever so grateful to you for pointing it out and not letting him forget.


And again with the awwww. But a different kind of it.

Couldn't stand to look at those eyes any longer, so Seloken got shipped off to uni.

Starla has a longer journey ahead of her.

Bye, Starla, you'll be missed. <3

And then Lysander died of "old age" too.

(Shutup, he was glitched, okay? It was either that, or having him around until generation 10, which would frankly be quite freaky.)

I really don't know. I really don't.

Still don't remember his name. Sorry. I know it's a blood pressure med. Possibly Tenormin? Idk.

Goth!toddler is... goth?

Rafn is really rocking that space pirate outfit.

Thin hair runs in the family, apparently.

::cough:: So hard to tell who's the real favourite, right?

Another toddler spam.

Roast alien. Yummy!

Emconcor has reached the end of her childhood.

She's not too bad as a teen. Not too bad at all. Methinks she needs a bit of a makeover, though.

But that will have to wait until next time!

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