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The Guildenstern Legacy 4.1

Warnings: 45 pictures, the horrible ghey, mpreg. Y'know, the usual.

Awww, the newly-weds.

The not-so-newly-weds. Please note Lysander's clothing choice as compared to Starla's.

Woo, bun in the oven!

Shut up, I'll spam you with cutesy pictures if I want to. ::sticks tongue out::

Victor. I thought you'd be cleverer than that. =/

Om nom...


Baby tiems! At least he picked a good room for it!

Meet Seloken Guildenstern, a girl with her dad's skin and hair and her other dad's eyes.

Butler fail. =(

I'm sorry, Rach, I didn't mean to delete custom content so you got butt crack extraordinaire. Honest! Also, stinky baby is stinky.

No comment.

No one's adopting anyone. Sorry!

There's going to be enough spawn without that, y'see.

Don't look so shocked, Rafn. You've been here before.

Like mother, like son? I hope not!

Aw, Seloken is kinda cute.

Her eyes are a tad on the freaky side, though.

Toddler spam. It's almost required, dontchaknow?

I love my manternity wear.

Tired, are you?

And here I thought you were better than this, Rafn. =/

Another girl with her dad's skin and hair and her other dad's eyes. Meet Emconcor.

Well, that certainly looks... er... yummy, Starla. Not.

Seloken grew up. Eyes still too big.

I think I have finally decided on which alien default skin tone to use. So this isn't a new baby, is still Emconcor.

Starla gets with the times. Or something. I dunno.

Seloken reminds me of me as a little person. I was obsessed with heels.

Victor's turn to get knocked up.

He meditated for most of the pregnancy, 'cause I was lazy like that.

Nice hair there, Emconcor...

Aww, sibling love!

Lysander is the best grandfather ever.


Emconcor is adorable and a very good-natured little toddler.

Moar bb tiems.

Meet Atenolol, yet ANOTHER girl. She has Rafn's everything except nose.

Work it, Rafn, work it!

Emconcor's birthday.

Still effin' adorable. I can has favouritism?

Next time: more babies, people growing up, yadda yadda yadda.
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