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The Guildenstern Legacy 3.5

It's been ages and I'm sorry. I don't know what's got into me!

Warnings: 40 pictures, fetish-driven courtship, the usual.

The family moves into a new house by the beach.

And here's our heir: Rafn. I sent him off to the grocery store to find himself some man-meat.

Hendryk earns his approval.

Hendryk AND Victor earn his approval. Only Victor really earns mine.

By the sneaky act of dying his hair brown, Rafn gets Hendryk to develop a crush on him.

He then sneakily goes back to black and manages to entice Victor as well (even though it looks like Victor has the hots for someone else. Whatever).

Back at the house, the oldies amuse themselves in the kitchen.

This might be as good a time as any to repeat that Lysander is glitched and crashes the game as soon as he transitions into the elder stage, which is why he is going to be pretty much eternally youthful until the day he can't bear to live any longer and decides to off himself.

Love is in the air tonight! Meanwhile, their son can be seen in his underwear on the other side of the window. The height of romance, I say!

Hello Rafn. Thank you for conforming to the fairy-boy stereotype!

I believe this sequence speaks for itself.

Rafn, seriously. Is there any gay stereotype you don't adhere to?

Somewhat tired of Hendryk, I have him invite Victor over. Victor is cuuuute!

Also really fucking creepy.

Apparently creepy pays off. Maybe I should start using Victor's methods for getting laid, y/n?


Maybe the whole experience gave Rafn nightmares so he has to sleep in the same bed as Daddy? But it's Rafn's bed, which means he was there first and Lysander wandered in there after Victor had left. Creeeeeeepy.

Look, it's Glaxo! This was during a very, very failed party. But, er, some people got to drink champagne, so it's all good in the end. I think.

Victor is ridiculously excited to be getting engaged. So cute!

Speaking of cute, have a random old people cuddle picture!

Someone lurrrrvsss Rafn!

Then there was a wedding. With toasts.

And rings being exchanged.

And kissing.

And cake-in-face stuffing. (Btw, I love the suit the game randomised for Ianto. It goes really well with his everyday clothes.)

After the cake, things kind of started getting out of hand.

Lysander: Now, remember lube. Lube is very important.

Victor: Lube, you say? Do you mean a petroleum-based one?

Victor: Apparently, my father-in-law doesn't care about the environment. That is very, very bad of him.

Let's end this update on a less kinky note and show the family bonfire.

Next time: babies!