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The Guildenstern Legacy 3.4

This time the boys go to college, which is the last time that is going to happen. In the future, I'll just use the fake college diplomas, because college is more of a chore than it is any fun.

I decided to actually edit the pictures a bit this time (a little re-sizing, some added sharpness, intensity and contrast). Good idea/bad idea?

Warnings: 26 pictures, college tedium, someone gets slap-happy

College make-over time! Ianto is first out. With a nose like his (it's huge, but unfortunately I do not have a profile picture), I figured he should have a septum piercing.

Glaxo got stubble.

And Rafn is a noseless nerd. So there.

The dormies pretty much all stalk Glaxo.

Or discuss makeup with him. It doesn't look as though he approves a whole lot.

I sent him Downtown in an attempt to have him hook up with someone. Mostly he danced a lot.

Rupert-Grint-as-Ron-Weasley was there too.

Glaxo: Hello there, hot stuff!
Mrs Crumplebottom: I am watching you, laddie!

That didn't seem to bother Glaxo a whole lot, tbh.

Back at the dorm, Ianto has discovered a newly awakened hatred for one of the dormies. I'm not sure what she did, but Ianto certainly can't stand her.

She spends nearly all of her time either crying...

Or slapping Ianto.

Brotherly bonding.

Another outing Downtown. I forget whose, the important bit is that satanicseraph showed up.

Glaxo made out with some random chick.

Rafn ♥ grilled cheese sandwiches. Which is handy, when most of his daily wants are related to them.

He also likes making money, so he takes over the duties of the cafeteria worker. She spends her extra freetime surfing da interwebz.

Oh, I wonder who made her upset. Could it possibly be Ianto again? Why, of course!

Then her dormie knight in... er, a blue sweater, shows up to save her day.

Glaxo: Family tradishun, I can has it.

And that's the end of college! At this point I was so sick of it, I just fast-forwarded to exam time to get the hell out of there as soon as I could.

This time I also have an heir poll to decide who gets to be the gen 3 heir. I may or may not ignore the results of the poll if they do not come out the way I want them to. ;D Probably not, though.

Awww, look at the boys all grown up!

And yes, Rafn spontaneously changed colour again (as did the others, though less noticeably). I'm having trouble deciding which alien default skintone to use, so I keep sticking new ones in the game (though obviously only one at a time).

I also got rid of a bunch of CC, including most of my non-geneticized eyes and skintones. I also got a new set of default replacement for the regular skins. Not to mention moving the entire family to a completely new, empty neighbourhood. But that's really for the next update.

Let's have the boys' stats to help you make a choice:

Who do you think should be heir? Since Lysander was the heir of gen 2, Rafn is eligible even though he's of alien descent. To be honest, he's kind of my favourite.

This poll is closed.

Who should be the gen 3 heir?


Next update: who knows what'll happen? Anything could!

The family tree has been updated.
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