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The Guildenstern Legacy 3.3

Warnings: 30-ish images, uninspired commentary, adorable pets

Ianto is being an awesome older brother and reading to Rafn.

Rafn's birthday.

He's very green.

Glaxo: *just hangin'*

Someone's a proper daddy's boy.

Studious kids.

I tried, and succeeded, to get them into private school.

Then I sent Starla out to get a couple of dogs, since the cats have all been dead for a while. Count D was at the pet store, chillin'. Get it? Count D, at the pet store. My game seriously loves me. =D Also Caroline Bingley, but whatever.

Starla had only just had time to bring the dogs home before one of them got into a fight with a wolf.

And won! Go Hyena!

The borzoi is called something (I forgot. I am a bad person) and the giant schnauzer is called Hyena.

They also got a womrat, since a couple of them rolled that want. Womrat is called Dorky, and you can't actually see him here. Oh well. He's cute, take my word for it.

Glaxo's turn to reach teendom.

He's pretty fit.

Rafn has one nice point, so the other boys take turns encouraging him to be nicer.

Firefly catching. Great success.

And here we have a proper look at Dorky. And dorky Glaxo. ;D

Their house was getting laggy (being on a 5x5 lot and everything), so I decided to move them into an apartment building instead.

Glaxo, being smarter and more studious than Ianto, was the first to leave for college.

Ianto wasn't far behind, though.

Starla and Lysander decided to take up toy making and flower arranging. Just because, mostly.

Hyena. ♥

I still feel really bad that I can't remember her name. =/ It might be Charlie.

Dorky is still being adorable.

Rafn has an insane amount of neat points, and it shows.

Still a daddy's boy.

My self!sim admires Lysander. He is flattered.

Rafn is a mixture of creepy and cute. (And yes, I downloaded an alien default replacement skin. That's why his shade of green has changed.)

Starla turned elder, Rafn is about to turn teen, and then Lysander turned elder too, and crashed the game, so I had to re-do stuff.

Starla and Hyena end this update with a bonding session.

Next time: college! (Which is the last time college will appear in any of my legacies. Sooo boring to play.) Also, heir poll.
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