the boy racer (wraithlike) wrote in babylon_sim,
the boy racer

Meet Aisling Mingelgrin

Yesterday I had the bright idea to start on a second legacy. I made a founder and named her and everything, and then last night I changed my mind about the last name and stuff, so I bahleted her. This morning I made myself a new founder and here is a sneakpeak of her.

Meet Aisling Mingelgrin*:

She has a bigger nose than your average Sim, and also I made her cheeks and lower face wider so she has kind of a chubby face. I think she's adorable. =D

Don't worry, I'm not about to abandon the Guildensterns. Far from it! It'll probably be a long while yet before I start posting this legacy, but eh, what can I say? =P

*Possibly the world's greatest last name ever and I swear I didn't make it up! I actually filled a script from a Dr Mingelgrin a few months back and the name stuck in my head.
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