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The Guildenstern Legacy 3.2

It's been a while. Life and laziness got in the way of updating this.

Warnings: 39 images, alien spawn, Cheaty McCheaty, RANDOM CAPSLOCK and more

My first alien abduction, whee! Lysander isn't quite as amused, though the rest of the family had a good laugh at his expense when he was dumped back at the house.

Ianto is still upset about his grandmother's death.

He and Lysander came home from work/school at the same time, so I had Ianto do his homework and other things, letting Lysander mind his own business.

CLEARLY, his own business included sexxing up his friend from work.

The married, PREGNANT one, if you recall?

Lysander, the bestest family Sim ever. y/n?

Turns out he's pregnant too.

Who set the oven on fire? THE BUTLER DID IT!!! (See what I did thar? ;D)

Glaxo is a toddler. Glaxo is a CUTE toddler.

Lysander: *POP!*


I have no clue what's so interesting in the bedroom.


It's Starla's turn to stargaze. Maybe she wants to be abducted too?

Lysander keeps to the family tradition of doing not so clever things while pregnant.

Oh hello there, random walkby who decided to use the pool. For days on end.

Lysander: WHAT IS THIS PAIN?? *shoves hand through door to keep mind off it*

'Tis another boy, by the name of Rafn.

Random walkby finally moved from the pool to the living room.

I threw Glaxo and Rafn a birthday party.

Glaxo grew up well and cutely.

As did Rafn.

Cute alien toddler is cute.

Ianto bitches at Edona about babies. Edona is over at the house for the next bday party, which is Ianto's.

The party took a turn for the worse when Tora decided to show up and scare pretty much everyone.

Uncoordinated smustle FTW!

Let's play spot the ghost!

Oh yeah, and Ianto's still fug.

Another house makeover/expansion.

Totally not to show off the livingroom.

Cute alien toddler is still cute.

Inappropriate much, guys? Your toddler is right THERE! Looking very interested, I might add. =/

And that's it for now. Next time, people grow up and get pets.
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