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The Guildenstern Legacy 3.1

First new post since I made this community (unless you count the welcome post/master list and/or family tree (I don't)), so YAY, y/y?

Warnings: 40 pictures, death, teh crazies, scantily-clad laydees and gentlemen (possibly not actual gentlemen), inappropriate PDA, random CAPS LOCK

I got them a dance orb/wheel/whateveritssupposedtobecalled. Lysander didn't actually suck monkeybutt at it. I was amazed.

I also got them a telescope and sent Lysander out to stargaze pretty much every night (I want alien baby, k?).

Checo Ramirez spent about two or three simdays in their love tub before I had someone ask him to leave. He wasn't even doing anything special, just hangin', basically. (Checo's dead now. I went on a Maxis-made character deleting spree. Whee!)

This is so totally not a picture to show off a) my new default painting replacements and/or b) my new maternity wear. No, never!

Oh yeah, and Starla is knocked up. Yay!

I don't know about you, but I don't think rigorous exercise (especially kinds that you FAIL at, badly) is the best idea during pregnancy.

Did you hear that, Starla?

Oh, you did. Good.

Incidentally, did you know you can get toxoplasmosis from cats and that it's a BAD IDEA during pregnancy? Oh well, as long as you're not cleaning out litter boxes, you should be okay. AND THAT'S NOT AN INVITATION TO GO AND DO SO, D'YE HEAR ME?

Belly conversation spam.

It's cute, okay?

These are Lysander's current wants and fears.

Notice how he wants to woohoo in bed, but that it doesn't much matter who with?

Notice also that he doesn't fear Starla's death. Lysander, you are kind of made of win, in a totally I-do-not-really-approve way.

Heir portrait time.

Starla: POP!

Malexander: MEOW!

Still cute. Even with their heads halfway inside the pillows.

Lysander brought this chick home from work.

She is pregnant and married. Keep this in mind for later (much later, as in next-installment-later. *hinthint*).

Tora and Nerissa: *still inappropriately dressed* (in their defense, they did just get out of bed)

Death is not actually there for Tora, despite his best attempts at stabbystab.

*I know he's technically called The Grim Reaper, but I prefer Death, so there.
**This is not random CAPS LOCK. This is In CharacterTM.

Tora continues the inappropriate clothing choices outside, where she has a breakdown over Nerissa's death. She will never be quite the same after this.


Meanwhile, the next generation is in bed and doesn't care much. They are just being cute and ridiculously pink.


Didn't know that had consequences, did you, Lysander?

This is Ianto (and Starla's boobs). Ianto is a boy.

Picture included for cuteness and not much else.

Ianto grew up. Tora's a great grandmother. Lysander and Starla are highly inappropriate.

Yes, Starla, I think you probably are knocked up.


After Nerissa's death, Tora was kind of moody and had the want to fall in love again.

This is not exactly what I had in mind...


Tora is consistent much, y/n? (n)

Random picture of Ianto. He's kind of scary-looking. =/

Lysander and Starla, who are MARRIED, I might remind you, cuddled in bed. In stormed Tora, FREAKING OUT. Because, uh yeah, Starla was so cheating on her?

Starla got a slap.

Lysander got a slap.

Lysander: *crycry* *minusminus*

Lysander: When Mum dies, I don't think we'll inherit much. She's kind of mad at us right now.

Tora: *farts heart over Starla*

The birch tree in the graveyard got hit by lightning and Lysander was the only one who cared.

This is Glaxo, also a boy. And totally not named after a pharmaceutical company. Nope, no, never.

Starla left him on the floor, so the butler decided to be useful and put him in the crib. Yay, butler, go you!

Tora: *FUMES*

Tora: *DIES*

Ianto: *grows up*

Still not very exciting. You should see his profile, though. The nose is kind of... interesting (it is Starla's pre-plastic surgery nose. Oh yay).

THE END (for now)

Next time: someone decides to be CHEATY MCCHEATY, someone grows up and someone has a baby.
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