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The Rosencrantz Legacy 1.1

Warnings: 36 pictures, unfun captions, cheating

My founder is called Desdemona Rosencrantz (Des for short) and has a family aspiration (lifetime goal to raise 20 puppies or kittens (as if that's going to happen!)) and she's just moved into this tiny little shack.

Des studies cooking, while Mr Darcy drops by to use the facilities. They have two bolts, but since Darcy isn't a townie or NPC, he's a no-go. Also, he's Lizzy's, so back off, bitch! (Sorry, I have a Thing about those two.)

And here come the neighbours! Benjamin is not impressed by Des.

Darren Dreamer (actually called Darren Thompson now, since he married one of my created Sims), however, fancies her something mad. The pregant Sim is Leila Higgins, another of my creations. (I have a thing for redheads. Obviously.)

Des has oh-so charming manners.

A bit of a close-up of the wonderful Des (here talking on the phone with Darren Thompson, né Dreamer).

Then she, uh... totally failed at cooking.

Des got a job in the medical field and brought Kennedy Cox back with her after her first day. Kennedy immediately set to work filling in holes in the ground.

They hit it off pretty much straight away.

Des gets a puppy and while she's at work, the puppy pees on the floor. (And I don't know if you notice, but she's added another room to the shack and moved the bed there.)

Des is still not back from work, so presto --- weeds!

By now, Darren's moved in and brought with him about 9k, so the house got yet another makeover. (I was a bit fail at taking pictures at this point. Lots happened that I didn't get pics of.)

Added a nursery and a proper bathroom, because at this point, Des is pregnant with Darren's baby.

Darren who's moved in, but is still married to his wife and won't marry Des, or even get engaged to her (obviously). Still, poor Des.

Des is very pregnant and Darren has moved back in with his wife and kid (and four cats).

At least she still has the dog.

Baby Niva is born! She has her mum's green eyes and her dad's black hair.

Then, when Des was sleeping because she was absolutely exhausted, the dog ran out of food and was taken away by the Humane Society, because Des refused to wake up long enough to refill it.

After Darren left her, Des decided to try to hook Kennedy once more. It seems to be working.

He's very good with Niva, who's turned into a toddler by now.

Niva talks to the bunny head...

And Kennedy talks to the side of the bed...

A quiet late night wedding and Kennedy moves in. He brings 17k. Woo!

A family meal, where the conversation seems to have turned to Sumo wrestling...

Niva is pretty cute, actually.

I just had to include a picture of Lizzy taking her dog for a walk.

Niva turned into a child, and as you can see in the background, Des is in maternity wear again. This time the baby is Kennedy's.


Late night craving. (She's completely nocturnal these days.)

Kennedy goes to work after having had three days off and Niva's at school, so Des has alone-time for the first time in ages. She uses it on a bubble bath.

Kennedy brought a friend from work and they all spend the evening in front of the telly.

Kennedy kisses Niva goodnight. He's a pretty good stepdad. (And as you can see, the house has had another make-over.)

New baby! This is either Eldrick or Louis (they had twins...). I can't really tell them apart yet. Both have green eyes.

Bird's-eye view of the house in its current configuration. There's a spare room that they don't know what to do with yet (and can't really afford to do anything with at the moment either). It'll probably be the boys' room when they get older.

Another family meal. Des is in her nightgown because she just woke up. Her current regime is to go to sleep about the same time that Kennedy gets home in the evening, which is good, because then he can look after the kids, and Des does it during the day.

So far, they all get along pretty great. Next time we'll find out what happens when the boys grow up.