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The Guildenstern Legacy 2.4


The time has come for another update. Yay!

This is (quite obviously) part 2.4, which is the last one in generation 2, and I have finished playing all the way to gen 3.4, so I think what's going to happen now is that I am going to post more frequent updates until I catch up (SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAMMITY-SPAAAAAM), so I can post an heir poll, because I need a bit of help picking the next heir. I am almost decided on one Sim for heir, but I figured I should ask you guys what you think as well. But anyway, that is getting waaaay ahead of things.

Last time, we left the two Guildenstern kids at college.

Warnings: 32 pictures, lesbianism, old people in not much clothing

While they were off getting their learnin' on, some events of magnitude happened back home.

Death came for Lola, for example.

A couple of days later he returned for Mascot.

Then the kids came back from college, Edona just to move back out again.

Lysander, you see, is heir. And had another make-over.

He asked Starla out on a date. There was classic pillow fighting.


And roller skater fail.

Starla still can't get over what Rishen (previously Nonamechick) did back in the last update.

Personally, I think she should have more issues about the fact that Lysander is still ENGAGED TO ANOTHER GIRL!

Date ended (dream date, woo!), so Lysander jumps in puddles while waiting for the taxi to take him home. So mature, that one.

I had him invite Candice over so that they could fight and break up.

Lysander: She is making me fight you, but see the smile on my face? : D It means I don't really mean it!



Starla: *stops by to drop of some roses as thanks for the dream date*

Lysander and Candice: OMG, AWKWAAAARD!

Stargazing cuddle interlude of CUTENESS.

In the end, I resorted to InSimming away the previous engagement and then had Lysander invite Starla over. She got a VERY warm welcome.

Her last makeover was kind of blah, so I gave her a new one. EET EEZ BRIGHT!

I really like it, though.

Nerissa and Tora continue to have no shame, dancing together in their underwear, on the front porch.

They are terribly cute together, though. So you know what happens next, right?

They go and try to earn talent badges. What did you think I meant? ;D

Random passer-by (Camryn Lee, I think) confirms that Lysander still has it (whatever 'it' is).

He's very much in love with his wife, though.

While she... well, let's just say it seems she hasn't QUITE forgiven him yet.

First time in my game: a wedding party!

Face, meet cake. Cake, meet face.

This is seriously so cute! There'll be lots more wedding parties in this legacy, I think.

Starla, I'm pretty sure that's not the way to act about your mother-in-law (especially not in front of her!) on your wedding day. Just sayin', is all.

Awwww. =D

I decided to take the risk of inviting Rishen to the wedding, mostly to see how she would react to it. Turned out she wasn't too bummed about the whole situation. HOLY COW, SHE IS STILL PRETTY, THOUGH!

First dance as husband and wife.

Mothers are for cleaning up, y/n?

Awwww, they still love each other so much. I can't get over how CUTE it is. :D :D

And that's where we leave off for now. Next time: babies, death and teh crazies.