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The Guildenstern Legacy 2.3

Time for college! This is a short part because I didn't take that many pictures during college, but I wanted it to be a part unto itself, which is why I haven't made it bigger by adding pics from later events.

Oops, I fail at changing my template to the correct part.
Warnings: 29 pictures, scantily-clad ladies (and lads), romantic inconsistence, blatant favouritism

He's his mother's son all right.

(If you don't remember, he ended up being a Family sim.)

College is full of scantily clad girls shaking their booty at you while you talk to other scantily clad girls.

A lad's dream, AMIRITE?


Apparently not.

I had him check out the people at the card table and he kind of liked this dude. I do too, now that he's had a massive makeover. Douglas Shaw is the name.

He's not entirely opposed to Lysander's advances.

Lysander, however, has ideas of his own. The second I turned my back on him, he went and found Douglas's sister and worked his charm.

She has charms of her own.

She's really, really fug, though.

Post-makeover. Much better!

Meanwhile, Lysander has started his next project.

Edona gets her groove on.

(In the background, I'm trying to get Lysander interested in Douglas again. It's not working very well.)

Edona: Move! You're blocking the television!

I felt bad for Edona getting so little time in the limelight, so I sent her off to the students' lounge to play pool. She was pretty good at it!

Lysander got back from class and decided to build a snowman.

Lysander: I has card skillz.

Lysander rolled the want to get engaged to Candice, so I had him pop the question.

Approximately three seconds after, he discovered Starla.

The moment after THAT he fell in love with this chick, remember her?, whose name I've forgotten (I have it written down somewhere, but I'm too lazy to go check it up).

I'm starting to think that maybe Romance sims aren't that hard to play after all.

Nonamechick got a makeover. She turned out really cute.

Starla got one too.

Lysander is having a neatfreak breakdown. Why?

This is why.

Oh yes, Lysander likes Starla.

Nonamechick likes Lysander.

Starla does not approve.

Candice, you know, his FIANCÉE, is absent for all of this and pretty much has no idea that her man is in love with two other people.

Poker chips: conveniently placed to foil all your streaking plans.

I had Lysander apologize to Starla so that their relationship would get back to what it was, and they kissed and made up.

That is our goodbye to the college experience, as it is now over (at least for this generation).

Next time, we find out who is the heir (though I'm pretty sure that's not too hard to guess...), people get serious makeovers and there is death.