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The Guildenstern Legacy 2.2

I am so behind on these posts by now, but it's all good. The plan now is to keep playing until I get to the point where I choose the gen 3 heir, and then take a break to catch up with posting. I'm taking the break then because I suspect I might need help picking the heir.

I will say one thing, though: some CRAZY things have happened so far in gen 3. ;D

We're not there yet, though, so here's gen 2.2. It's extra long, because there is a house tour included. Next part is going to be shorter, though.

Warnings: 53 pictures, kitty overload

Oooohkay, Nerissa, if you say so. The baby is crazy. Because it was born one second ago and has had the time to develop and manifest a distinct personality.

Baby Edona is a girl, with blue eyes and red hair.

Cakes disgust Nerissa. Clearly.

So Tora has to do the responsible thing and get Lysander to the cake.

Adult/kid dancing is kinda cute.

Kitten! Larson, to be exact. 1/20 for Tora's LTW. I have a feeling I won't be able to fulfill it...

Edona is pretty cute. Just look at her! =D

Well, I couldn't not include this!

Potty pals, y/y?

Larson grew up. (And for a family of neat freaks, the food bowl looks surprisingly dirty. =/)

Another birthday.

Still cute.

Again with the birthdays.

Lysander is kind of meh as a teen. Also, he's totally wearing the same outfit as that random dude who showed up for his birth.

Lysander rolled the Family aspiration and his LTW is to become Captain Hero.

Lola is sleeping and she's adorable!

The house got a massive makeover. I quite like it.

You know how I made the "two kids per generation" rule? Well, I was a bit worried for a while here, because Tora and Nerissa autonomously tried for baby at least three times. Thankfully, none of them took.

I think they're planning more offspring here.

Tora lost her job. Woe.

Headmaster is over for dinner. The schmoozing didn't go down too well, but thankfully he liked the house and the food, so the sprogs got into private school.

Fancy ladymen FTW!


KITTENS!! Alexa, Dragon and Malexander, to be exact.

Tora got a new job -- they kinda needed the money. And this picture is totally not, in any way, shape or form, just to show off my in-game copy of HBP. No way.

Time for the house tour!


Lysander's room.

Edona's room.

Master bath.

Master bedroom.

Second bath.

Dining room/entry.

Hallway with founder portrait (and heir portraits, when there are heirs) leading to living room.

Living room.

And that's the end of that tour. =)

Lola and offspring. Someone isn't housebroken. Oh dear.

Begging for a treat.

Cat fight!

The house wasn't big enough for all seven of them, so Alexa, Dragon and Larson moved out with friends of the family.

Malexander, who's inherited Lola's love of counters, got to stay, because he has the coolest markings/coat colours.

Tora works on her logic skills. Outside. In mid-winter. At least she remembered to put her coat on. (Which reminds me of Louis Rosencrantz and his wife playing catch outside in mid-winter, dressed only in their pajamas... I guess if I hadn't killed them by borking the game, they would've killed themselves with their stupidity.)

Tora's birthday.

Not too shabby-looking as an elder.

Lysander got a makeover before I sent him off to college.

Nerissa's turn to go grey. (The old dude is Vince, the butler.)

She reached the top of the medicine career a day or two before this, which made me go YAY! because I was certain it was her LTW. Yeah... When she didn't turn perma plat, I wondered wtf was going on, so I went to double check. Her LTW was to become a mad scientist. Which obviously didn't happen then. Go me... not!

Random paper thief. Also, Vince the butler playing with the cats, rather than, y'know, actually butlering. Because that is the way of the world. Or something.

Reputation going up = people liking you = people giving you free computers. (Did I ever mention that their big TV is another such gift?)

Edona grew into a teen and she too got a small makeover (pretty much just some make-up) before going off to college

She's a Fortune sim, btw, and her LTW is to become chief of staff.

Next time is the gen 2 college experience.