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The Guildenstern Legacy 2.1

I've started counting new generation from the birth of the first kidlet, so this'll be part 2.1 (I still won't do the 2.0 thing. There's a limit to what I'll do ;)).

Warnings: 39 pictures, lesbianism, scantily-clad laydees.

The house got a bit of a make-over with the money Nerissa brought to the household.

(And no, this isn't the one I was talking to you about, Mikey. That is a later one.)

Nerissa had an aquarium in her inventory. She likes to watch the fish.

Since it's Tora's LTW (which I don't think she'll reach) to raise 20 puppies or kittens, I sent Nerissa out on town to buy a cat.

Meet Lola, a Norwegian Forest Cat, that I tried to get looking as much like a red classic tabby and white as possible.

Then Nerissa went clothes shopping as well, as part of the makeover she's about to get.

Moonlight the cat was hanging out outside (and inside) the store.

Once at the house, Lola took to watching the fish for hours on end.



And even closer.

I really like Bruno's make-up.

Lola also likes to sit on the kitchen counter. For hours and hours and hours. Seriously.

Tora's home and greets the new kitty.

(First I wrote Courtney instead of Tora, and I honestly have no idea why. There are no Courtneys in my game, I know no Courtneys. What the fuck, me?)

Then there was woo-hoo, post-coital snuggle and this cuddling when they woke up again. It's just soooo cute!

They'd been awake and up for approximately two minutes when they decided that "Hey! We haven't woo-hooed in AGES!"

Tora has no shame.

They are cute together, though.

One of about three gazillion times they decided to go at it on the sofa.

Consequences, Tora, consequences!

Nerissa skills, Tora writes in her diary. She's done surprisingly little of that lately. I guess she's too busy getting woo-hooed to have much time for it.


Aww, cute. Also, preggo belly for serious.


Meet Lysander. Blue-eyed, red-hair baby boy.

I don't know why this guy is here, but I guess he was outside when Tora went into labour and wanted to come inside and have a peek at the baby. Now he thinks Tora is a wall. He is CLEARLY all there. Nothing wrong with him, nope.

"LOLOL, I got over the labour really quickly, let's make another one!!!11"

Then Nerissa got stuck with her arm like that for ages, until I nuked her, and then their chess table stopped working.

After several unsuccessful attempts to find a mate for Lola just wandering around outside (Kim was a girl), Tora heads to the pet store (urgh) to get a mate for her. Meet Mascot, the Birman.

Lysander transitions to the toddler stage while Tora is at work.

Nerissa teaches him to walk.

Looks like it's Nerissa's turn to get knocked up.

Mascot looks so contented, don't you think? ...

Toddlers are so cute!

Nerissa looks surprised. You'd think after the morning sickness and all, she would've got the hint by now.

Cat magic! Kittens being made &c.

Lysander: I don't think I like the xylophone.
Me: What? You've spent the better part of your toddler years playing one!


Yeah, you can, but you're not going to squeeze anything out until the next part. Which'll be in a couple of days, probably.