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The Guildenstern Legacy: 1.1

After re-installing the basegame, all the EPs, SPs and custom content, I am once again ready to start off a Legacy. This time I know from the very beginning that I won't follow the rules completely (and I'm definitely not counting points), but that's okay by me. I have also pretty much decided that there won't be more than two kids in each generation, as more is generally a pain in the arse to raise well.

Warnings: 31 pictures, lesbianism, serious PDA

Our founder is Tora Guildenstern, and no, that's not a Jewish name. More Swedish/anglicised Danish than anything else.

Since there is nothing (except a mail box and a trash can) on the lot at this point, she decides to do what any Sim would do in such a situation: jump rope!

Tora Guildenstern
Family/Cancer/LTW: Raise 20 puppies or kittens
Turn-ons: brown hair and fitness, turn-off: stink

Yes, I have an affinity for family Sims. They are among the easier ones to play (except their often-times crazy LTWs)

Let's take an even closer look, because I happen to think she is gorgeous.

Her meagre $4,800 went towards a little shack.

Just because you can't buy anything but cheap stuff, doesn't mean it has to be butt ugly. And look, she even has wallpaper and a proper floor!

"How d'ye do?"

Clearly, she has her priorities in order: befriending people is key!

And the garden club oldie.

No one hates her yet, anyway. Always a start!

Classic, pre-cooking skills first meal: lunch meat sandwiches! (I kind of want to find vegetarian replacements/clones, but I have been too lazy to look for them as of yet.)

Tora is a neat Sim. Very neat. You will see exactly how neat later on in this part.

"Dear Diary, today I..."

Tora got a phone call from random!Sim she had never met and was invited to go Downtown. Since she needed to go there anyway to pull, I had her accept the invitation.

Clearly, the restaurant kitchen is THE place to hang out.

Tora, are you doing what I think you're doing?

Yup. She's doing the washing up IN THE RESTAURANT!

And then proceeds to freak out because she can't get at this plate to clean that up too. I think someone might have a degree of OCD...

Ooo, look what Tora found! Nerissa Larea, with red hair and pale blue/grey eyes. I like!

As does Tora. Good job, Tora!

I'm glad you approve too.

Aww, slow dancing!

No, Tora, no adopting babies. Not now, not later. I need YOUR genes.

She invited Nerissa over, and then attack!greeted her.

After Nerissa went home again, Kim the cat wandered by and Tora greeted him (I think it was a him, anyway) too.

Then she played with him until it was time to go to work.

See, Kim is PRETTY and Tora wants to raise 20 puppies/kittens, so having a pretty cat friend to mate with another cat is kind of A++.

She works as a security guard, because that was the highest paying job in the paper, and besides, she doesn't have a career-related LTW, so anything goes.

The next day, she asks Nerissa out for a date. They both roll wants to have a pillow fight with each other, so I obviously oblige.

Tora consistently aims for either the butt or the head.

They then made kissyface with each other.

More slow dancing.

(I love the fact that Nerissa has tattoos. She's quite pretty, though her hair needs a bit of a make-over and I want to slap some makeup on that face too.)

Yet more slow dancing.

And a backrub. Also, Nerissa is in LURVE.

Cuddling on the sofa leads to...

Yup -- woohooing. Let me remind you that they were on a sofa in a PUBLIC place. Truly, they have no shame.

After the date has ended, Tora returns home and to her precious diary, wherein she writes about mystery guy whom she has NEVER MET, and not her hot date with Nerissa. Tora, WTF?

I think this is probably as good a time as any to mention that Tora is obsessed with her diary. Seriously. Whenever she's not doing anything, she will get out that diary and plonk herself down on the floor and happily write away for hours on end.

Tora, I think you need to join Diary Keepers Anonymous.

Nerissa sends her roses as a thank-you for the nice date.

This is a legacy, after all, so I have Tora invite Nerissa over again.


Quickly followed by marriage. Like I said: this is a legacy!

She brought $10,000 to the household. Ka-ching!

Nerissa Guildenstern, née Larea
Knowledge/Pisces/LTW: become mad scientist
forgot to check the other stuff

And that's it for now. A beginning, at least. =)