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Oct. 5th, 2008

Last night I borked my game (I know exactly how, too, and I'm never doing THAT again) and all the Rosencrantz family is dead. Well, technically I have a back-up from the end of generation 1, but I seriously do not feel like replaying all of gen 2 (they were just off to college, too), so I am going to restart and make a new Legacy founder.

I'm going to miss the Rosencrantz, though! Especially Rilo, who I had pretty much decided would be the heir this time around.

I have about three parts of gen 2 in pictures that I haven't posted yet, but right now that feels pretty pointless. I do want to show the kids, though.

This is Louis with Lyle, the eldest, as a toddler.

And here's Lyle as a teenager (he was in the military. At first he was a gamer, but he got fired after losing a gaming challenge). He was a popularity Sim, but I borked him a bit when playing with aging, so his LTW was to reach his 50th anniversary.

Here's Malte (the black-haired one) and Rilo as toddlers. Rilo was the second-born son and Malte was the third kid.

Rilo. <3 He had (as you can see) red hair and green eyes and he ended up being a family Sim. I'm going to miss him, I think he's my favourite Sim so far. =/

Malte as a teen. He was a knowledge Sim.

And then I made Louis and Christy have another baby because I really wanted them to have a girl also and they finally did.

No toddler pics, because she was pretty fug until she became a teen.

This is Tove. Or was. Whatever. She was a fortune Sim.

Marcel. <3 I really wanted him and Rilo to be a couple, but that will never happen now. ;_______;