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The Rosencrantz Legacy 2.1

It's time for another installment in my Legacy series. =D

You're probably pretty aware by now that I am basically Cheaty McCheat, but I'm not playing this for points, so that's okay. The cheating continues in this installment (and the next, and the next, haha. Though I have stopped doing maxmotives and motivedecay off, so that's good).

Also, I've been reading a bunch of legacies and it appears that I do things a bit differently. For starters, there's the numbering business (starting on x.1 instead of x.0), but I've also discovered that most people start numbering after the next generation as soon as the first kid is born. I don't do that until all the kids are grown up.

Aaaanyway, onto the point of this post!

Warnings: 31 pictures, lack of daylight

While I installed all the new EPs I bought recently, I removed all my custom content (CC) and that was a stupid move. Well, not that, but going onto the lot while it was still out -- THAT was stupid. So the house had to have another make-over.

A bit of a wonky picture (composed of two images with slightly different perspectives). Not so much of a difference from the last look.

Ritva moves out (and takes Heidi and Bonkers with her). Bye Ritva! (Moving out was one of her current wants, so who am I to say no?)

Eldrick moved out shortly after, but I didn't get a picture of that. Not much point, really.

I sent Louis out to find a mate. He liked this chick. I didn't. Too much fug.

Now this girl, on the other hand...

(Ignore the bit of Louis's face seemingly stuck to her chest. Oh camera, sometimes you are fail.)

She laughs at nothing. Her sanity is maybe questionable. But she's cute, damnit!

Crazy does not float Louis's boat. Woe. =/

(What floats Louis's boat, I might add, is red hair and stink. Not quite so sane yourself, mister!)

Ooo, I like her! For once Louis and I agree on something!

Her name's Christy Inada and apparently she's Louis's boss's cousin, and gets him a promotion. Awesomesauce!

They bond over laughing at the crazy people.

Thank you, ACR.

Desdemona's ghost! I hadn't seen it before -- she doesn't seem to be out and about all that often. Louis had a want to see it, so I sent him outside chasing after her, but he never saw her, no matter what I did.

Heir portrait!

I need to have one of Desdemona made, but I forgot while she was alive and I keep forgetting to edit a picture of her and put it among the custom painting pictures. One day, though, one day!

Mutual affection, yay! Also, someone is skilling off-camera.

They are pretty cute together.

Niva still lives at home. She likes crazy-dancing to classical music.

She reached the top of the politics career, so she's perma plat now.

I sent her out on the town to get some lovin'. She really digs Brooke, the crazy gal.

Did I mention Niva is a raging lesbo?

Mr Darcy is also out for a night on the town. This was awesome! xD

Niva is pretty fail at this.

But she doesn't give up.


You're not getting any better at it either, crazyface.



Remember Kennedy? He might be an elder, but he still likes 'em young!

And we have a result! Louis and Christy are in love! Yayay!

Quick, quick, get married before she changes her mind! (Someday, someone in this legacy is going to get to have a wedding party. But not now.)

Christy is a knowledge Sim (like Louis), LTW is to become Chief of Staff and she brought 1k to the household funds.

Newlyweds... ;D

She's fertile, that one.

She got a little make-over. (I've since installed new face templates, and new default eyes, but yeah.)

And Louis finally sees Des's ghost.

Next time: Babies, babies, babies and non-weather-appropriate behaviour.